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A new Shopify webshop for jewelry

09 February 2022
Design, Ecommerce, Website


“Our current webshop no longer meets the justifiably high demands that our customers place on our company.”

Wiezewasjes sells beautiful jewellery and gemstones that you can keep for the rest of your life. In addition to a physical store in The Hague, a shop-in-shop in Utrecht and various sales points in the rest of the Netherlands, Wiezewasjes is working hard on its webshop.

Nowadays, most purchases are made through the online commerce channel. With a range of over 2,400 products, they process thousands of orders every month. The entrepreneurship of Wiezewasjes has ensured enormous growth in recent years. The first generation webshop was in serious need of replacement. The appearance of the brand no longer matched the look of the old Shopify webshop. There were also higher expectations for the user-friendliness and functionality of the web portal. Time for a new webshop. Just at this moment, Harborn came into the picture as the specialist.

An important requirement for the new webshop was that the relationship between the various product families had to be clearly presented. It’s precisely this that ensures that consumers can now combine beautiful sets of jewellery and gemstones.

A new Shopify Plus webshop, focusing on personalisation and product findability

Shopify configuration

Based on a new and fresh design, in line with the characteristic house style of Wiezewasjes, the first setup of the Shopify framework was done. We accommodated as many of the client’s wishes as we could, with a new Shopify template in combination with the apps. Fortunately, we’re not afraid to write a nice piece of custom code, doing exactly that for specific parts. A perfect combination of proven technology and customisation.

Integration with Squeezely

Who is the customer? What has taken place? Which customer phase is someone in? The fields are fully customisable through a smart integration with software supplier, Squeezely. So that you immediately see what you want to see. The customer profile combines CRM data with someone’s behaviour on the website. Everything neatly in one central location, how nice is that? Squeezely’s 360-degree customer profile makes this easy and effective. Enabling Wiezewasjes to show products on the homepage and product pages that you as a visitor have viewed before. We can also display the products that best match an individual customer based on their star sign, search behaviour and purchase history. A higher conversion was never the goal in itself, however, the additional visitor information is very important for Wiezewasjes.


As a digital team, we’ve done an amazing job, because of the close collaboration with Wiezewasjes. The result is truly beautiful. An incredible webshop that is completely up to date and perfectly fits a fast-growing company like Wiezewasjes. The webshop works quickly and intuitively and is in keeping with the image of the company. Perhaps, even more impressive, the back-end, with its clever integration of Shopify plus, apps and the Squeezely software. All these applications that have not been at the expense of user- friendliness. Products and product variants can be found intuitively. English-speaking visitors can also find the right products in the webshop. Customers are inspired by products that match their personal profile.

The most important result: the customers are also very happy with it. The reactions from the user test and Wiezewasjes customer service are positive, which will ensure a healthy and lasting relationship between Wiezewasjes and all its fans.

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