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Become DDA-member

Would you like to become a Dutch Digital Agency? If so, check out our membership criteria and register your agency. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Conditions of membership 

For new members we have a few conditions: 

  • Your agency must have an annual turnover of at least €1 million.
  • Your agency must devote at least 75% of its turnover working on digital services, such as developing websites, apps and e-commerce platforms.
  • The DGA (director/main shareholder), CEO or managing director becomes a member on behalf of the agency.

After you register we will email you more detailed information about membership.

Four steps to becoming a member

Step 1

Determine whether membership will be beneficial for your agency and make sure you comply with the membership conditions.

Step 2

Register by filling in the form on this page. We only need a few of your details.

Step 3

Our board will process your registration in three to five days. We will then share it with our members, who have two weeks to respond. You will hear from us within three weeks whether your membership application has been approved.

Step 4

Once your membership has been approved you will be able to link your company webpage to this website. You will also be granted access to the DDA network, as well as all guidelines and reports.

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