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HBO-ICT Talent Webinar


Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) represents the best digital agencies in the Netherlands. Over the past few years, many ICT students and alumni have started working at a digital agency as developers (frontend, backend or full stack). In teams with digital designers, marketeers, growth hackers, data analysts, testers and content specialists they work together on a digital solution for their customers. From an e-commerce platform, a dating app, a data-driven insurance to a digital healthcare provider. This way they help companies and public institutions to better serve their users.
This webinar will be in English to welcome national and international students.

Do you want to know more about development internships or working for a digital agency?
On Thursday 11 November 15.00 – 16.00, we are organizing a webinar about development especially for ICT students, including these presentations:

  • Smart career choices to become a successful developer – Ennio Brands (Technology Lead, Move4Mobile)
  • Devops: The agency life – Michael Willems (digital agency Gracious)
  • Case: Wie is de Mol: An app for 1 million users – Chris verra (iOS developer, Elements)

Do you like to attend the HBO-ICT Talent Webinar?

Please subscribe here for this online event for ICT students or use the form below.
The level of the presentations is aimed at HBO ICT year 2 and 3. MBO and WO students are also very welcome.

Feel free to join the webinar, and use this Zoomlink.: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85692047171


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