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Typetuin: A online typing course in an educational game worl

21 July 2022
Apps, Digitale Transformatie, Portals
We cannot predict the future either. But what we know for sure is that there will be even more emphasis on digital connectivity for upcoming generations. Typegarden is an online game world in which children learn on the basis of a personalized trajectory typing with ten fingers. An indispensable skill.

Stijlbreuk gave shape and substance to a completely new version of Typetuin. Built from the ground up, but with sky-high ambitions and ready for the future.

Typetuin in a nutshell

  • Targeted use of gamification
  • Smart detection of personal learning level and pace
  • Customized management and finance portal
  • Automated, user-friendly messaging
  • Scalable performance through micro-services

Find the complete case @ stijlbreuk.nl.

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