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Medior Visual Designer

40 uur

Hello you!

At Jungle Minds, we develop new, impactful business propositions by combining strategic insights with the power of making. To further strengthen our creative team of Visual designers, we are looking for a motivated and energetic Medior Visual Designer.

As a Medior Visual Designer you work at Jungle Minds for a diverse set of clients: from brand new startups to well-known multinationals. You put together a prototype for a fitness app in a week, work on a Design System for three months, and help bring in a large new customer with a strong pitch in two days. You’re up to the task, because you are a patient listener, a persuasive talker, and above all a visual thinker.

You translate abstract concepts into appealing designs, and complex problems into simple solutions. You are both an independent mind, and a partner in crime for colleagues and customers alike. You bring enthusiasm, persuasion and inspiration to the team, and are an ambassador for visual design in the company.

The skills you bring to the table:

Brand Identity
You are capable of analyzing existing brand identities and of applying, renewing and expanding them in a consistent yet surprising manner.

You are able to go beyond the practical application of design theory and deliver distinctive and personal design. You can justify your designs by explaining your design choices and motivate teams and clients.

You are able to apply storytelling techniques to present your work in a coherent and persuasive fashion to clients and link your design choices to the clients brand goals.

You show a solid understanding of current front-end techniques and are able to work in tandem with development.

Creative facilitation
You help facilitate workshops for ideation and are able to collect input from diverse groups of clients.

You understand the theory and application of validation research (prototype testing / usability testing) and you can prepare and conduct qualitative validation testing of designs, concepts and flows in close cooperation with our UX Designers and Business Designers.


Additionally, make sure you:

  • Have a portfolio of appealing and recent work, which you can talk about with enthusiasm and conviction.
  • Are available for 32-40 hours per week.
  • Have 3+ years of work experience as a Visual Designer at an agency, or at a company that develops digital products.
  • Are fluent in Dutch, English and Figma.


What we do

We bring new things to life
Uncharted territory is our playing field. We spot opportunities, spark ideas and embrace uncertainty as the fuel that propels us forward.

We work co-client
The end result we deliver is a lasting positive impact on our client’s business. We like to think that we don’t work for our client, we work with them.

We are relentlessly curious
We endlessly hone our skills, challenge ourselves and others to take things somewhere new, and always create our own path forward.

We commit
We take ownership and never limit ourselves to our individual roles but go above and beyond to make our client and our team successful.

We get going
We believe great things can happen when smart people rally around a challenge. We are not just great thinkers, but also great doers. We dive into the challenge we are trying to solve, we explore and find the right way to test or prove it and we go do it.

Who we are

At our office in Amsterdam Noord you’ll find a diverse collection of highly skilled, highly opinionated and slightly strange colleagues from a variety of countries and backgrounds. We’ve got a great view of the IJ, decent coffee, healthy lunches and slightly less healthy parties. Of course there is plenty of attention for personal development as well: our Friday afternoons are reserved for team activities like workshops, presentations, or just good old design banter.


Sounds great? Then we would very much like to get in touch with you!

Would you like a little more information first? Check our Employee Manual or send Aimée an email at aimee.rutten@jungleminds.nl.


08 jun 2022
Salaris range
Aantal uren
40 uur