Senior UX Reseacher
40 uur
Are you a creative, smart, experimental, curious, and result-driven UX Researcher that loves to dive into the data?

Who are you?

You are a creative, conscientious and professional crafts(wo)man. You show a strong passion for digital product design that is supported by thorough research. With the experience you have regarding user research, you know just when to apply specific research methods in a project. Being curious and thoughtful, you are focussed on quality. You have an eye for improvement and won’t shy away from fruitful discussion. You find yourself most energised when you combine your expertise and your knack for guidance to gather insights on the client’s product and how it is used by their users. You love a good challenge and get excited when you move projects towards practical realisation.

Collaborating closely with our clients, you are in a position to build thriving relationships. Your excellent communication skills guide them throughout the project and facilitate decision making, keeping their best interest in mind.


  • You work together with developers and data engineers to uncover data and get the right set of data to work your magic.
  • You can teach us all about the quantitative research methods, with your knowledge about analytics, A/B testing, surveys and questionnaires. If you’re honest, you’d pick quantitative research over qualitative because you love to bring structure to the data.
  • You love to practise statistics, are a wizard with excel and also have some experience with Python and SQL.
  • You know which data and insights are required to convince stakeholders, and can explain this in an understandable way.
  • You enjoy presenting the results of your research to clients, and love to share your process with your colleagues.
  • You create actionable insights out of small and big data sets and present them to clients and the team using tools dashboard like Google data studio and tableau.
  • You see yourself working for a variety of contexts, from car selling platforms to multimedia service providers, learning about the world of the people using these products before the project has even started.
  • You shape and facilitate research projects in a fast-paced project environments with lots of unknowns.
  • You are a mentor and guide to our junior researchers.
  • 3+ years experience in UX Research; numbers don’t prove anything but you have seen your fair share of projects.
  • You want to be a part of our Amsterdam team (and are able to work from there when corona is over)*
  • You can speak and/or understand Dutch and English.

* Please note we are looking for people living in the Netherlands, able to travel to our clients and work from our Amsterdam office.

About your job

As a senior UX Researcher you are the link between the client and the design team, helping them to get a better understanding of the user and the product. You know when is the right time to set up a questionnaire or run a usability test. You are the partner to our client. When you discuss the project and business goals, you immediately know what research is required and which methods to use. Asking questions and getting to the bottom of things comes naturally to you, because of your strong communication and interview skills. Teaming up with the clients and presenting the insights to the stakeholders is what you enjoy a lot, because it is the result of diving into all the research data, understanding it, and structuring it in a way that makes sense. You collaborate with others, either within Hike One or as a member of a client’s team.

In your roles you have autonomy and the responsibility for the overall quality of the research we do in our projects. You fill roles where you are the lead researcher, shaping the research proces at our clients, or defining and improving the standard and way of working we have at Hike One. Working independently without the need of assistance, but providing assistance to others. You are the researcher inspiring and guiding both the team and clients to create the best products.

About Hike One

We are Hike One, one of the finest teams of digital product designers in The Netherlands. Maybe you’ve ran into us before without knowing it. We worked on Rituals, Marktplaats, Signify, Squla, and more. Our team consists of over 50+ designers, currently spread between our home-offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. We design digital services that not only look awesome but work extremely smooth as well.

We call ourselves designers, researchers or facilitators. Yet we see ourselves as so much more. We come from all walks of life, we are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else friends. We believe in doing what you love, always finding a way, getting things done, and most importantly being open and honest to ourselves and with each other.

I’m still interested! What’s in it for me?

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll get in return for all your hard work. Of course there’s a monthly salary and 25 days holiday a year. You’ll get a top-notch MacBook including every tool you need. If you run into a sweet new tool that we weren’t aware of yet, we’ll gladly try it out. And who knows, maybe you can give a lunch lecture on your new discovery.

But wait, there’s even more:

  • Monthly (remote) team gatherings and in non-corona times yearly weekend trips
  • Fun colleagues to have movie night & play games with
  • Team get togethers to discuss your project with colleagues
  • Hopefully soon: a healthy lunch, table tennis, foosball, weekly massages and more
  • Compensation for your travel and phone expenses

What sets us apart:

  • A huge set of fellow design and research enthusiasts to work with, share your thoughts with and learn from every single day.
  • We jumpstart your career by giving you the opportunity to grow professionally – you will get 10 days a year for education to spend on conferences, masterclasses, workshops and (online) courses.
  • Opportunity to follow your personal passions and interests together with like-minded colleagues.
  • We are self-organising, practising Holacracy. You can be independent and define your own career path within Hike One.
  • In corona times you get to use the office supplies you need to create a good and healthy home office.
  • An inspiring office in Amsterdam, with currently 3 workplaces according to the guidelines of the RIVM. Here you can work with colleagues and change scene if you can’t work from home.

You convinced me! What should I do?

Go ahead and apply! Should you want to read more about our team, our portfolio or our way of working, check out our website at

Send us your application (and a portfolio) before March 31st. First interviews will take place in week 14.


10 mrt 2021
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