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We’re all pro front-end developers with our own vision. We have a strong drive to collaborate with and challenge designers, developers and clients. We are ambitious professionals and we know our stuff. We take projects to the next level and like to flabbergas our clients and team members. We’re a peculiar folk with a taste for design and function.

Besides stalwartly fighting for the end user, we like to have a beer or a few jägermeisters as well. You like that, huh?At Mirabeau we build some of the most used apps and websites in the Netherlands, Europe and even China. Yes. We got international business trips, if you want 

We’re currently with a team of ± 20 front-end developers. This team organises their own code reviews and special interest groups. Code reviews are always guided by one of our seniors. That’s how we’re going to support you as well. And we love open source. Special interest groups are about sharing knowledge and catching up with your own personal goals. You’ll be part of your own special interest group. Show us your ambition and we’ll make it worth your time. Guaranteed.


This is what you bring

Besides being part of the front-end group you’ll spend most of your time in your project team. You’ll be part of a team of designers, software engineers, data scientists, product owners, etc. These teams vary a lot, they might be design-heavy, or development-heavy. Tell us what you prefer, show us what you’re good at. We do believe in collaboration. Big time.


- the usual suspects: HTML5, CSS3, ES2015+

- a healthy craving for the real innovation behind React

- we do appreciate proven experience with JavaScript (vanilla, plain, whatever… you know, the pure stuff)

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