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About the job
Writing a job posting for a designer doesn’t need to be more than a handful of sentences. Are you a great designer that enjoys diversity in their work? Great, let’s grab a coffee.

If you’re an experienced designer, you know all the rest of the “requirements” or “looking for” list items are a bonus. In the end, it is the impact and clarity of your visual communication that matters. If you’re a great designer but don’t have a terrific “proficiency in Dutch and English,” we want to meet you. If you’re a great designer but don’t yet have “an eye for micro-interactions,” apply anyway.

Our background
We are a team of people who don’t know how to “turn it off,” we want to meet and collaborate with others who are hungry to take on the intimidating challenges. We’re a full-service agency, creating both visual exposure (advertising) and visual experience (digital experience). Our clients range from Nike to Hertog Jan, ING to Dille & Kamille. So you’ll be exercising your design knowledge and skills in very different touchpoints. Some you already know, others you might need to learn.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s get into bonus elements that will help. This position is weighted to the digital side. So, familiarity with front-end, UI, Customer journey, MVP and the Scrum methodology is high on our list. Hygiene elements are responsive design, conceptual thinker, and the ability to present your ideas clearly/convincingly. Can’t do one of these things? Then be a very, very good designer, and we’ll help you master what you’re missing. Below are some wishlist items that matter to us, not requirements. Again, the requirement is a versatile creative mind, hungry to discover how exceptional a designer they are.

Great things to already know

  • An understanding of visual design for brand communication.
  • The ability to guide other designers, set up a design system, and generally inspire other team members.
  • A strong understanding/empathy for what all members of the team need and deliver.
  • A drive to push for both attractive and beneficial.
  • Proficient with Sketch or Figma, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Keynote/Powerpoint etc. (a few of these are pretty essential).

Other ”nice to-have’s”

  • HBO (or higher education)
  • Five years of experience in a similar position client-side or four years agency-side
  • Up to speed with digital developments and trends
  • Familiar with rapid prototyping

What we offer
You’ll be based in our beautiful (and bright) open-spaced office in Amsterdam-Overamstel. We work in a dynamic and inspiring environment in which we treat each other with respect and kindness. Our organization structure is quite flat and ensures open communication. In addition to a tempting package of employment conditions, career prospects and training opportunities, we offer chair massages, provide your lunch and have Friday drinks at our massive Valley Bar.

Let’s explore greatness together!

Do you have any questions or do you think you do not fit the profile for 100%? See what’s possible and contact Michelle or Eltje on 020 451 5151.


29 jul 2021
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40 uur