Software Engineer
24-40 uur

Nice to meet you! We are VI Company, a fintech company from Rotterdam. As domain specialists we conceptualize, build and maintain mission critical websites and applications for clients such as ING Bank, BNP Paribas, TCX, ABN Amro, Cardano, PGGM, Börse Stuttgart and many others. These high quality custom solutions are all created in-house.

Software engineer
Build apps that are available as air. And as secure as Fort Knox.

At VI Company, we conceptualize and build FinTech-related apps and websites. From the ground up. And for leading clients in the financial domain. Think banks, like BNP Paribas and ING, but also pension funds (Unilever) and asset management firms (PGGM). It should go without saying that our apps have to combine the best of both worlds: they need to be as available as air and as secure as Fort Knox. Is that the kind of coding challenge you’re cut out for?

How you serve the best code

  • You develop clean backend code for FinTech apps and websites.
  • You team up with front-end developers and designers, so we work towards a shared goal: apps and sites that wow on every level.
  • You safeguard usability, maintainability, availability, performance, scalability and security (not necessarily in that order though).
  • You test code, squash bugs (or take them out back and shoot them), and take detours into databases and deployment pipelines.
  • You wear quirky branded socks. That may sound like a weird thing to add to a job description, but we designed them ourselves, you’ll love them 😉

As Software Engineer, you contribute directly to our ambition to simplify financial markets. The scope –functionally and technically– is substantially larger than you may expect, given our FinTech focus. Kickstart the day by coding a mission-critical website used by thousands to manage their personal finances. For lunch, build SaaS portfolio management platforms to help asset managers navigate stock markets. And end the day on a light note by working on an app that playfully educates prospective investors about trading decisions. Sure, a virtual bankruptcy may severely bruise the ego, but it sure beats the IRL version! No matter what projects you and your team tackle, clean code is always called for, and usability and security are prime concerns. Our favorite tech stack includes the .NET framework (Core, ASP.NET), MVC, Azure DevOps and MS-SQL.

7 boxes we tick

  • Salary between € 3.250 and € 4.250 plus a 13th-month pay.
  • Become a co-owner of VI Company. We share plenty, and that includes the company’s stock!
  • We want you to stay on top of your coding game, so we provide a generous training budget & extra study days.
  • Possibility to work remotely and from our spacious office (while keeping 1.5 meters distance of course).
  • Flexible working hours and home-office budget for working partly from home (also post corona).
  • The chance to annihilate your colleagues in SuperSmash, Fifa, during a cook-off or a pub quiz.
  • Post corona: In-house massages, haircuts, (dinner) party’s, Easter egg hunts, bring your dog/kid/parent to work days and a company outing VI-kend.

7 boxes you tick (the more the merrier)

  • You bring at least 2 years of engineering experience to the table.
    You are versed in (most parts) of our Tech Stack.
  • You subscribe to the DevOps philosophy and embrace Agile.
  • You are a strong communicator and enjoy giving and receiving feedback – the more we share, the more we learn, the better it gets.
  • You are a (wo)man of the world; you enjoy working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and you can discuss ideas with everyone.
  • You don’t sigh for six minutes straight if a less tech-savvy stakeholder asks you to explain it again, pretty please?
  • You love to contribute to meaningful apps and websites.

Team up!
Happy to have you aboard! To apply, shoot us a mail at or message us on WhatsApp +31 10 714 44 57.


18 sep 2021
Salaris range
2000 - 2500
Aantal uren
24-40 uur