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Senior UX Researchers

Full-Time | Amsterdam / Rotterdam

About You

You are a creative, conscientious and professional crafts(wo)man. You show a strong passion for digital product design that is supported by thorough research. With the experience you have regarding user research, you know just when to apply specific methods in a project. Being curious and thoughtful, you are focussed on quality, and know how to get stakeholders on board. You have an eye for improvement and won’t shy away from fruitful discussion. You find yourself most energised when you see the connections between different sources and get to communicate these to your team. You love a good challenge and get excited when you move projects towards practical realisation.

Collaborating closely with our clients, you are in a position to build thriving relationships. Your excellent communication skills guide them throughout the project and facilitate decision making, keeping their best interest in mind.


  • You make evidence based decisions
  • Your strong analytical skills help you understand the information at hand, see connections, and make decisions on what actions to take.
  • You create actionable insights
  • Out of data sets big and small you distill actionable insights and present them to clients and the team using tools like Google data studio and tableau.
  • You love to experiment
  • Trying out new tools and methods to find ways to improve your work excites you.
  • Collaborator is your middle name
  • You work together with stakeholders, developers and data engineers to uncover data and get the right set of data to work your magic. You can make the client see the added value of (and need for) doing research.
  • You have a large toolkit of both qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • You have knowledge on analytics, A/B testing, surveys and questionnaires, usability testing, customer journeys, persona’s, card sorting, and more.
  • You have experience with statistics
  • You’re a wizard with excel. Any knowledge of R, Python or SQL and you will get bonus points.
  • You share what you know
  • You enjoy presenting the results of your research to clients in a way it is easy to understand and act upon. When it comes to process, tools, and methods (and celebrate achievements) you love to share this with your colleagues.
  • You have 4+ years experience in UX Research
  • Numbers don’t prove anything but you have seen your fair share of projects.
  • You want to be a part of our Amsterdam team
  • And you are able to work from our (client) offices when corona is over.*
  • You can speak and/or understand Dutch and English

Our Hiring Process

  1. Intake – A quick 15 minute call in which we give you bit more background information on the vacancy and more importantly have a clearer view about the person behind the application 😎.
  2. 1st Interview – Here we focus on diving into your work and mindset as a researcher.
  3. 2nd Interview – We dive even further into your way of working as well as a more in depth look into the role at Hike One.
  4. Offer – You have stunned us and we make you an offer that we hope you can’t refuse.
  5. Accepting Offer / Party Time! – We want you and you want us and that is cause for a celebration!

About Hike One

We are Hike One, one of the finest teams of digital product designers in The Netherlands. Maybe you’ve ran into us before without knowing it. We worked on Rituals, Marktplaats, Signify, Squla, and more. Our team consists of over 50+ designers, researchers, proj, currently spread between our home-offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. We design digital services that not only look awesome but work extremely smooth as well.

Meet your Team

We call ourselves designers. Yet we see ourselves as so much more. We come from all walks of life, we are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else friends. We believe in the following;

  1. 🧠 Being a creative problem solver: A Hiker doesn’t accept how things are given and seeks to constantly pioneer new manners of approaching work, creativity and life in general.
  2. ⛰️ Being open to challenges and seeking them out: A Hiker is comfortable with not knowing what to do or how to do it.
  3. 🏎️ Being a ferrari (Tesla): A Hiker thinks in opportunities and possibilities rather than problems and excuses.
  4. 🤓 Being a nerd: ​​To bluntly put it, Hike One is a gathering of enthusiastic and passionate nerds.
  5. ✊ Being all about the team: Nothing is great or worth sharing is done alone, it’s all about helping one another grow and celebrating successes together!

Still Interested?

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll get in return for all your hard work. Of course, there’s a monthly salary and 25 days’ holiday a year. You’ll get a top-notch MacBook including every tool you will ever need. If you run into a sweet new tool that we weren’t aware of yet, we’ll gladly try it out. And who knows, maybe you can give a lunch lecture on your new discovery.

But wait, there’s even more:

  • Monthly (remote) team gatherings and yearly weekend trips (if Corona measures allow)
  • Fun colleagues to have movie night & play games with
  • Team get togethers to discuss your project with colleagues
  • Hopefully soon: a healthy lunch, table tennis, foosball, weekly massages and more
  • Compensation for your travel and phone expenses

What sets us apart from those other places

  • huge set of fellow design enthusiasts to work with, share your thoughts with and learn from every single day.
  • We jumpstart your career by giving you the opportunity to grow professionally – you will get 10 days a year for education to spend on conferences, masterclasses, workshops and (online) courses.
  • Opportunity to follow your personal passions and intereststogether with like-minded colleagues.
  • We are self-organising, practising Holacracy. You can be independent and define your own career path within Hike One.
  • In corona times you get to use the office supplies you need to create a good and healthy home office.
  • An inspiring office in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, with currently some workplaces according to the guidelines of the RIVM. Here you can work with colleagues and change scene if you can’t work from home.

You are convinced, what now?

Go ahead and apply! Should you want to read more about our team, our portfolio or our way of working, check out our website at


05 jan 2022
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