Senior Developer (Python/Django)

40 uur

About you

Right now we’re looking for at least one Senior Developer who knows how to write high quality software and who believes, as we do, that there’s no such thing as temporary code. In our experience, the best senior developers know how to apply the lessons from previous projects to new ones. They know when to use which algorithm, can come up with data models that fit the requirements while allowing further growth and provide proper data integration. They work well in a team while maintaining a sense of individual responsibility. Does this sound like you? Do you also believe that the cloud is about so much more than hosting? Does your CV shows evidence of the following:

  • robust software development (scalable, high performance and using automated tests)
  • experience with Python and preferably also Django (or Flask, Pyramid)
  • knowledge of the different DevOps tooling (Terraform, Jenkins, etc)?

Then let’s talk!

A little more detail

At Lab Digital we’re big fans of Django and Python. We work a lot with the Wagtail CMS and we generally implement our e-commerce projects with Oscar. Besides creating outstanding software, most developers at Lab Digital also fulfil the DevOps role. This means setting up continuous delivery pipelines to all the different environments. We do this with a standardized Docker stack and we use Jenkins and Terraform for automated tasks.

Team work is central to everything we do at Lab Digital. Each small, independent team is based in Utrecht and works on both new and existing projects. With the right support, we believe, small, independent teams achieve better results. They also encourage skilled people to take responsibility and grow their career.

About us

Good senior developers are often forced to deal with endless bureaucracy, heavy oversight or the threat of burnout from unrealistic expectations. At Lab Digital none of those things will happen to you because our ethos is different. We’re a young company with an already impressive client list (Heineken, Liander, Toyota, innogy, Canon, and more) and we’ve grown to forty-plus staff in just four years. We’ve achieved success by valuing and investing in the people who work for us. That’s not just business-speak; our mission is to enable our staff to grow so that they can enable our clients to grow. Good relationships are the key to our success.

All our clients are unique so we put an emphasis on fully understanding them and their requirements. For each client we build and run creative, end-to-end digital products that are as unique as they are. From the vision to the design to the development to the deployment, the experiences that we create are tailor-made and built to last. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end at delivery; we run the products that we create and keep measuring and optimising them so that they keep delivering, helping our clients to keep growing.

Our offer

So what can we offer the right candidate? Here are the basics:

  • A senior salary and an expense allowance
  • Interesting and challenging bespoke Django projects
  • A favourable pension scheme
  • 25 days holiday a year
  • All the gear you need to do your job well – no compromises

There are the usual perks like a full fridge, a tasty lunch (small fee), good coffee and you’ll be able to work flexibly.

Above and beyond this though, what we offer is a commitment to you. We will listen to you, take your needs and wishes seriously and we will work to help you grow professionally. Want to take a professional development course that will help you and our clients grow? We’re all in. Want to visit events and conferences with the team? We already do that. Want to talk about how things could be done better? We’re all ears. Want to be part of an organisation that’s active in the Open Source community? Check out our GitHub at or our blog

So if you’re an experienced developer who likes to work in Django, maybe it’s time to join a company that will value what you do and help you grow.


14 dec 2020
Aantal uren
40 uur