Intern Visual Design/Creative
32-40 uur

Visual Design (Creative) 

Hey, congratulations! You chose to pursue a career in design, and that choice has survived all the way to the internship phase. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that. You have these shiny new skills, time to see what you can do with them. Are you hoping that design can take you somewhere, or do you feel the urgency to take design somewhere? From here, it will be the contribution you desire to make to design that will frame your career. That’s why we’re together in The Valley, connected by our craving to produce our best work.

Your first team
The environment you choose to do that will have long-reaching ramifications on your career. Too small a company, and you won’t get to fully experience the complexities of working on large projects with multi-layered teams. Too big, and your contributions may go unnoticed. We have that “sweet spot” mid-size team of 80 people. Your diverse squad will consist of: Copywriters, Art directors, UX Designers, Strategists, Data analysts, Front and Back-end Developers, and of course, Planners, Project managers and Client Account Managers.

Is it right for you?
If this is all sounding pretty good to you, then here is what we are looking for. Designers who are interested in all mediums but have a strong affiliation with digital design. You are comfortable with conceptual thinking as well as design systems. You’re a sponge that wants to soak up more the mechanical aspects of getting things done and looking to develop your soft skills as well. You’re not intimated by large multinational clients and excited by popular local brands.

The hard skills list
– An understanding of visual design for brand communication.
– Confident grasp of UX
– Comprehension of design systems
– Proficient with Sketch or Figma, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Keynote/
– Powerpoint etc. (a few of these are pretty essential)


12 nov 2021
Salaris range
350 -
Aantal uren
32-40 uur