Intern User Experience Design
32-40 uur
User Experience Design

As a UX intern, you have an overwhelming curiosity about people, which informs how you use patterns and conventions. More importantly, you understand where to split from them. At the Valley, you’ll be welcomed in a multidisciplinary team with other designers, strategists, front and backend developers.

You are a few years into your studies and are looking for an internship of around 20 weeks. You are keen on learning how to create valuable, digital experiences for real clients and improve on your work, step-by-step. You work with great accuracy and are eager to tackle challenges head-on.

Do you want to hone your prototyping skills? Or perhaps you want to improve the way you present your designs to stakeholders? At The Valley, you will start by defining your learning goals for your internship. We will pair you with an experienced UX designer who will guide you throughout the week. While keeping track of your learning goals, we will unleash you in our projects for great clients such as Nike and FC Utrecht.

Graduation project
You are nearing the end of your studies and have become quite comfortable in translating user and business insights into great digital experiences. Industry-standard design tools such as Figma, Invision, and Keynote don’t hold any secrets for you anymore. You are ready to end your study with a bang: hello, graduation project.

At The Valley we believe that there are 3 main ingredients to an exceptional graduation project:
– a clear understanding of your study’s requirements,

– a personal ambition to make this your best project so far,
– and an added value for The Valley

This means that we expect an idea of what you want to achieve from your graduation project. Do you want to improve the dutch healthcare system? Break e-commerce standards? Make websites more accessible and inclusive? Or perhaps you want to champion sustainability? Providing us with your ambitions from the start will help shape your graduation project and find something valuable for you, your university, and us.


12 nov 2021
Salaris range
350 -
Aantal uren
32-40 uur