Business Analyst
32-40 uur
Do you love puzzles? We hope so, because as a business analyst at Valtech, your puzzle-solving skills will be essential. Working in a multidisciplinary team that includes your client, you do everything possible to get a full and clear picture of what your situation requires. No matter how big the puzzle or how complex the client’s needs, you know how to deliver an appropriate solution or approach. And you do it for major clients, ranging from Yamaha or Nouryon, to LOI. You can be co-shaping Volkswagen’s e-mobility information platform or working with Action in realizing their online ambitions. Does this sound like something for you? Then read on.

What will you be doing?

What you do exactly on a day to day basis varies considerably, due to the varying needs of the specific client you are working for. And due to the fact that you have quite some freedom to carve out your own work. One thing you will do on a recurring basis is to work with the client’s product owner and the development team to make sure that the product backlog is refined. Other responsibilities include supporting the client in defining a roadmap, requirements analysis and doing whatever is needed to get to a shared understanding of the user stories on the backlog – which could range from creating diagrams to consulting stakeholders to resolve any unclarities. This way, you help your team to complete each sprint successfully and deliver value for our clients.

One of your key strengths are your analytical capabilities. You ask questions that other people overlook, you challenge what seems obvious, and you constantly consider alternative scenarios that could lead to a better result.

What do we expect from you?

  • A relevant Bachelor degree
  • 3+ years of experience as a business analyst or in another relevant role
  • Experience working in multidisciplinary teams and with multiple stakeholders
  • Experience with agile/Scrum concepts and artifacts such as a product backlog, user stories and epics
  • A critical and assertive working attitude
  • A creative and analytical way of thinking
  • Proficient in English (Dutch is a plus)
  • Plus: hands-on experience with agile/Scrum (even more so if in a (proxy) Product Owner role), or experience with content management systems such as Sitecore, Episerver and Adobe Experience Manager
  • You don’t mind working (partly) from home – at least while the Covid-19 measures last

* Note to non-EU nationals: we require a valid permanent work permit in the Netherlands.

What do we offer in return?

Excellent employment terms and conditions, a competitive salary and plenty room to develop yourself. How quickly your career and salary advance depends entirely on you – with some help from your team captain, of course. Our internal Academy will also help you to continually develop your skills. In addition, you can also follow a work-related educational program with an external provider (in consultation with your team captain). And because work, learning and private life are increasingly intertwined, you can arrange your working hours flexibly, to match your creative peaks.

On top of that, we also offer:

  • 25 vacation days. Need more? You can buy up to 10 days extra
  • A pension scheme
  • Travel allowance (an NS Business card)
  • Collective Care Insurance Scheme
  • A laptop and mobile phone


03 mei 2021
Aantal uren
32-40 uur