3D / Game Artist Internship

32-40 uur

3D / Game Artist

We can be short and sweet about it: The Valley is looking for a 3D hero. After working on successful projects (for example for Nike), we are currently exploring 3D in greater depth in order to put it to use for several other clients. As a budding 3D professional, you can be part of this exciting development.

We’re excited to work with a 3D artist who knows the ropes of the 3D process and model building (texturing, lighting, animating, baking, volumetrics). A clever collaborator for our developers to bounce ideas off, who sometimes teams up with our creatives to bring concepts to life. You’re solution-minded, conceptual, technical, productive and deployable in areas where visualising is central (XR, Motion Video, webGL rendering). Someone who advises on best practices, workflow and is not afraid to verbalise 3D choices.

Do you know your way around 2D + 3D software, like Blender and Photoshop? Are you in the 3rd or 4th year of an HBO/WO study along the lines of 3D motion design, such as Game Development, ICT, Software Engineering, Computer Science or another relevant study? And are you totally ready to learn more at our agency? Reach out!


22 dec 2021
Salaris range
350 -
Aantal uren
32-40 uur