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We're looking for a React developer who can help us create data driven user interfaces for our client projects.



You'll be working on interactive dashboards and other complex web applications for our international clients. Interacting with API's, creating new components, writing reducers for our global state management and helping your colleagues are part of your day-to-day job.


Needless to say, we work a lot with data. Our applications are written with a data-driven approach, explaining the suitability of React for most of our projects. It also means it's important to anticipate, design and implement all expected states (empty/loading/error/success to name a few) of the application.


You will work in close collaboration with our design team and your colleague developers. You are comfortable working in a fast paced environment, have a keen, analytical eye and a pragmatic but flexible approach.



Depending on the need for Server Side Rendering, we either use Create-React-App or our Universal React stack which we've recently open-sourced on Github. We like Redux for state management and are using Emotion for CSS-in-JS. That said, we evolve our stack constantly.


Our visualizations on the web are written from scratch with the help of the D3 library. Maybe you can help us rethink how we write data visualization with the next generation of JavaScript frameworks?



It's important that all our developers can get up and running within minutes on any given project. We use Docker to achieve development and production environment consistency.

All code committed to our Git repositories is automatically checked for linting errors, run through Prettier for a consistent code style and unit tested by our Continuous Integration server. Depending on the branch you work on, your changes are automatically deployed to our development and/or staging servers.


Thanks to our streamlined and automated release process, it's okay for developers to make mistakes. Either they get caught by automated testing or spotted as a bug on the staging environments. Even if a bug sneakily gets past our quality control line a rollback to a previous version is only a click away. Either way, bugs can be resolved quickly and easily without harming the end user experience.

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