OnBrand '18

OnBrand '18 is a branding event that will take place in the famous SugarCity (Suikerfabriek) upcoming Thursday. Successful industry experts will be sharing the secrets of the trade in panel discussions and lectures.


Branding is becoming more and more essential in the digital age, and it is constantly changing. OnBrand aims to get the discussion on this subject flowing, and make sure that businesses and entrepreneurs get the opportunity to take optimal advantage of the concept. More than 1500 marketing professionals are expected to attend the event to gain cutting-edge marketing insights from key industry leaders, brand managers and designers. Do you want to be a part of this exclusive marketing opportunity? Get 20% off on your OnBrand tickets now.

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Dutch Digital Day 2019: digitaal versus ethiek door o.a. auteur Bartlett, Sketch, VPRO en tech magicien Tom London

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