Senior Front-end Developer
32-40 hours

In the rapidly changing field of front-end development, senior developers need to be advisors and leaders. To create outstanding applications they need to be completely up-to-date and willing to try new techniques. Join Lab Digital and we’ll help you stay that way and we’ll help you grow.


About you

We’re looking for a senior Front end developer who knows which front-end technologies to deploy to create the kind of tailor-made, high-quality digital experiences that we strive for. This means a combination of technical know-how and a good feel for UX design. Our preferred candidate also has good communication skills, the kind of skills that you need to discuss projects with non-technical people and to coach junior developers. This means that they work well in a team while maintaining a strong sense of individual responsibility. While we understand that this is a tall order, we also know that we can help the right candidate achieve their goals and grow within the role. Doing this enables us to build strong, lasting relationships with our developers.

A little more detail

If this sounds like you, then these are the things that you’ll need to show us that you’ve done:

  • Created robust React / Javascript (ES6+) experiences using Typescript
  • Had experience with SASS and HTML5
  • Releases optimized code to the end user using bundling tools such as Webpack and Babel
  • Build front-end applications on top of REST API’s
  • Extensively tested your front-end code using test frameworks like Jest
  • Create a fluid and performant user experience
  • Be able to debug (performance) issues

We’d also prefer it if you’ve had experience of Scrum, building an SPA and Python (or other programming language). Attending a regular meetup or similar open-source community is, of course, a plus and if it all comes with a smile, then so much the better!

About us

We’re a young company with an already impressive client list (Heineken, Liander, Toyota, innogy, Canon, Pon and more) along with several new startups and we’ve grown to forty-plus staff in just four years. We’ve achieved success by valuing and investing in the people who work for us. That’s not just business-speak; our mission is to enable our staff to grow so that they can enable our clients to grow. Good relationships are the key to our success.

Team work is central to everything we do at Lab Digital. Each small, independent team is based in Utrecht and works on both new and existing projects. With the right support, we believe, small, independent teams achieve better results. They also encourage skilled people to take responsibility and grow their career.

All our clients are unique so we put an emphasis on fully understanding them and their requirements. For each client we build and run creative, end-to-end digital products that are as unique as they are. From the vision to the design to the development to the deployment, the experiences that we create are tailor-made and built to last. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end at delivery; we run the products that we create and keep measuring and optimizing them so that they keep delivering, helping our clients to keep growing.

Our offer

So what can we offer the right candidate? Here are the basics:

  • A competitive salary and an expense allowance
  • Interesting and challenging projects that match your ambition
  • A favourable pension scheme
  • All the gear you need to do your job well – no compromises

There are the usual perks like a full fridge, a tasty lunch (small fee), good coffee and you’ll be able to work flexibly.

Above and beyond this, what we offer is a commitment to you. We will listen to you, take your needs and wishes seriously and we will work to help you grow professionally. Want to take a professional development course that will help you and our clients grow? We’re all in. Want to visit events and conferences with the team? We already do that. Want to talk about how things could be done better? We’re all ears. Want to be part of an organisation that’s active in the Open Source community? Check out our GitHub at or our blog

So if you’re a senior front-end developer who wants the chance to grow, maybe it’s time to join a company that will value what you do and help you to achieve your goals.

This job opening is only available for people with a Dutch working permit and are able to work on-site.


Post date
21 Dec 2020
Number of hours
32-40 uur