Go Developer
40 hours

We are looking for an ambitious Go developer. As a Go developer you get the chance to apply insight as well as knowledge creating a reliable connection between the team and the client.


About us

Lab Digital represents 15 years of experience as a digital agency. Our objective is to constantly provide dependable results while simultaneously exploring new ways of maintaining a stellar level of quality . The Lab Digital team consists of approximately 35 specialists all contributing to both the technological and creative production aspect. Together we approach each digital issue with a unique, mature and diverse perspective allowing creative growth for both client and team.

We already have a wide range of clients on board. To name a few: Heineken, Liander, Toyota and Danone. Within Lab Digital we continuously work on making trust, artistic freedom and personal development a priority of paramount importance.

About you

We actively use AWS and we see a big potential in the serverless/Lambda function. We believe Go fits very well in that eco system. We are already using Go a lot for internal tooling and custom terraform providers.

Your work will consist of both the development of new and existing projects. We choose to work this way because we believe that maintenance and further development should be a ‘1st class citizen’. Products generally exist long-term and quality must remain high even after a longer period.

We are also active within the Open Source community. Some of our colleagues are Wagtail Core members or Django Oscar core members. See our GitHub organisation at https://github.com/labd/ or our blog https://blog.labdigital.nl/ for more information.

Job requirements

  • Experience with Go
  • Knowledgeable of Python
  • Affinity with hosting
  • Independence
  • Sense of responsibility

What we have to offer

Depending on who you are and what your ambitions are, we at least offer the following:

  • A constant focus on your motives and ambitions
  • A span of control that matches your ambitions and skills
  • Be part of a self-managing organization
  • A market-based salary and expense allowance
  • A favorable pension scheme
  • No concessions on items that you need to do your job well (e.g. MacBook Pro, 27″ 4k display etc)

This job opening is only available for people with a Dutch working permit and are able to work on-site.


Post date
21 Dec 2020
Number of hours
40 uur