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Yard | Digital Agency


We are the go-to Digital Agency in Utrecht for digital innovation.

We are the go-to Digital Agency in Utrecht for digital innovation. As an online partner we deliver effective and customer-focused websites, apps and platforms for organizations with a social mission. We are not only the creators, but also the builders of your online product. We have great in-depth knowledge of social sectors and therefore speak the same language. As a result, we quickly push to the core and deliver extra value. We do all this with craftsmanship, respect and a sense of cooperation.

What we do

As a Digital Agency, we mainly work for organizations in the following industries:

  • Social Welfare
  • Business and professional associations
  • Research institutes
  • Central government
  • Education

We create and build websites and content platforms, apps, self-service portals, ‘my environments’ and online community’s. Think of WordPress, Symfony, Yunits and React. We use open-source technology and existing technical building blocks. Of course we can also make tailor-made solutions if needed.

UX is always key in our designs and of course we work with the latest techniques. Every good online product starts with analysis and therefore we dive in and identify what your target audience wants and needs. Through research with user panels, expert reviews and analysis tools we come up with a pleasant and functional design. We always think along at a strategic level to continuously get the best out of our online strategy. We measure and discuss the impact of the different online products together.

Who we are

Our team of about thirty dedicated professionals is so involved that it feels as if we are your own online department. Full of enthusiasm we focus on strategy, design, development and continuous improvement. We are an open, online partner that achieves results in a pragmatic and creative way.

We also believe in the power of the network. By connecting people, knowledge and experience flows. This is the reason we connect clients with the same issues. In addition to an extension of the network, we learn from each other’s practical examples through knowledge sessions and intervision meetings. This way we both get better.

A sustainable partnership with high-level hosting & support is what we are going for. Online results start with a good plan that fits your organization’s ambitions. From ambition to action! We’re here for you, let’s make something good together.


Contact information

Yard | Digital Agency

Beneluxlaan 6

3527 HT Utrecht



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