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Project Gezond as an app always within reach!

Project Gezond
01 August 2022
Apps, Design, Ecommerce

Project Gezond is such a brand that we like to work for, a brand that stands for a clear product and service. For tens of thousands of members, Project Gezond has been a regular part of their daily routine for years; healthy living, losing weight and still good food requires a lot of knowledge and perseverance, but Project Gezond helps with this and provides you with practical advice and delicious recipes. With a custom platform, Project Gezond can better manage all personal content and users and automate its daily processes.

From menus in your mailbox to an app with all your sophisticated info within reach.

Project Gezond has undergone major development in a number of years. Many users logged into their personal account every day and made use of the meal plans and tips that could be found on the website and in the books. Ultimately, they looked for a solution that would allow them to serve their users even better, in the form of a platform with a mobile app. All Project Healthy members received the app as a gift, which became a great addition to their daily use of the platform.

A sophisticated user experience and performance

With the new solid platform, Project Gezond can do very well, but the users also deserve a really good user experience. Together we came up with the mobile app. A place where every Project Gezond user can go for more than 250 delicious daily menus, tailored to personal needs, and have access to personal support and everything you need to lose weight successfully.

We have known the members of Project Gezond a little while now, because we previously also developed the 1st book (a big hit) of Project Gezond, but we also mapped the users in detail. Based on that analysis, we developed a user experience design together in which we did not shy away from the challenge of many devices and operating systems.

Matching technology and functionality

To achieve good performance, our first principle is the desired functionality with the desired development strategy. By starting with an analysis and choosing the right architecture and technology, we have a good basis on which we can further develop Agile.

This project contained more than a simple app with a CMS, the question from Project Gezond presented us with a slightly bigger challenge. Without going too deep into the technical details, let’s list the most important points:

  • Mobile App (PWA)

  • Platform (custom Laravel)

  • Webshop + link platform (Magento)

  • Clutch ESP

  • Elastic Search (Algolia)

  • Accounts and Trial Subscriptions

  • Recurring Payments

  • Data migration

The result

With the Project Gezond mobile app, members always have their weekly and daily menus with them, tailored to their personal calorie needs. They can always and everywhere keep track of their weigh-ins and save favorite recipes and before they go to the supermarket, they effortlessly print out their shopping list… or of course they just take their app with them. Duh! At any time of the day, wherever they are. Super easy and always within reach!

Calculating things like BMI, calorie needs aligned with your goal and BMI to automatically build your weekly and daily menus is the most important part, but the excellent highly personalized customer service and wonderful selection of books keeps Project Healthy’s fan base growing year after year.

Digital design and development specialized in brands?

If you are a brand looking for a development agency with a lot of eye for design and your brand, then you want to work with Mooore Digital. As an agency with mainly developers, we are technically very experienced and skilled, but because we always work with our own designers, we can also excel in user experience design and are the ideal agency for brands that are looking for both technology and design.

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Project Gezond

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