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Freelance platform grows 1,000% in a single year

09 February 2022
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Through online platform YoungOnes, young adults can quickly arrange day jobs at companies. Less than two years ago, YoungOnes was just a phrase on a post-it. Now, 200,000 affiliated freelancers and 3,600 affiliated companies are generating millions in revenue. How did Freshheads and YoungOnes develop the idea into the successful platform it is today?


What we have created

Together with start-up YoungOnes, which originated from the employment agency YoungCapital, we developed a digital platform to link freelancers to short-term jobs at attractive organisations in the hospitality, retail, logistics or events sectors. A smart and fast way of bringing together supply and demand, which has proven to be a hit from day one.

Everything we make with Freshheads suits us and our target group.– Koen Graafmans, YoungOnes

Involved discoverers

“You can wonder all you like about what might happen, but you won’t know for sure until you test it,” strategist Roel Tuerlings believes. “Our philosophy was therefore: we’ll put a prototype of such a marketplace online as quickly as possible and see if it works.” Similar software was already on the shelf at Freshheads, so: hop – investigate whether it works technically and what it does in the market. No sooner said than done. In Tilburg, a number of clients were asked to test the platform together with freelancers from YoungCapital’s network. Roel: “It soon became clear that a marketplace where freelancers and clients with short-term jobs could meet each other was indeed a golden opportunity in the market. We could then move right ahead: scaling up, fine-tuning software and continuing to monitor what happens.”

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