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E-commere platform Girav

04 August 2022
Branding, Design, Ecommerce

Girav is one of our longest running collaborations. Girav is more than a specific case for us, it is a wonderful example of the power of a long-term collaboration and how important knowledge of design is for e-commerce parties that are truly a brand.

A beautiful brand with beautiful products

T-shirts that crawl out of your pants, t-shirts that are long enough but far too wide or t-shirts that have reduced to a belly button after a few washes. The founders of Girav know this better than anyone and therefore took matters into their own hands in 2010 to radically solve this problem. T-shirts reinvented, radically better and available for everyone in the right length and quality.

Nowadays much more than just t-shirts. With pull-overs, shirts, polo shirts, etc., Girav supplies a complete range of distinctive outerwear in the right size.

More than just a webshop

E-commerce for a brand like Girav is more than just a webshop. With a clear “online only” strategy, there is a lot involved in executing e-commerce. The webshop itself is of course important, but there is also a lot to consider with things such as a PIM, applications for managing tailor-made advice, integrations with platforms for personalization, merchandising, filtering and search, etc.

What we provide is of course the development (Magento, Laravel, WordPress) but also the UX/design, integrations with 3rd party tools, Performance optimization and advice on e-commerce roadmap development.

An intensive collaboration

Besides working for Girav for a long time, we also work very closely together. In this collaboration, our strengths, offering dedicated teams with a focus on continued development, can also come into its own.

For example, we offer Girav a permanent team with permanent developers, UX designers and its own product owner. Together with the product owner of Girav, we continuously work together to implement strategy and continuously develop the application.

Top notch development for high performance brands?

If you, as a brand, have high demands on further development and development and if the design and performance of the applications in your e-commerce landscape is essential, then you want to work with Mooore Digital. As an agency with seasoned developers, we are technically very experienced and skilled and know better than anyone what it takes to expand that e-commerce landscape.

In addition, by always working with our own designers and dedicated product owners, we can also excel in smooth further development where user experience design is not neglected.

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