About DDA

Dutch Digital Agencies is the leading sector association and knowledge organisation for the Dutch digital industry. Its membership comprises the country’s top digital agencies that together form the vanguard of the sector in the Netherlands.

Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) has been bringing together the Netherlands’ leading digital agencies since 2002. The Dutch digital industry is becoming increasingly innovative and professional.


DDA serves as a sector association and knowledge platform for this growing industry. It focuses on the key technological developments and game-changing work that is produced in the Netherlands every day. This makes DDA a main point of contact for digital agencies, clients, the media, labour market and training institutes.

Dutch Digital Agencies actively promotes and fosters the digital industry’s creativeness and interaction among the 120 members agencies through various means including offering a wide range of workshops and knowledge sessions.


We are Dutch Digital Agencies.


Dutch Digital Agencies is led by the Board of Directors and the agency management is responsible for the day-to-day operations. A brief introduction to the Members of the Board of Directors:


(co-ceo & Tribal)


(CEO of Estate Internet)


(CEO of Burst, Treasurer)


(Director Greenberry)

Bert Hagendoorn

((Dutch Digital Design))

Annemieke Deering

(Daily Management)