We’re a close-knit team of creative souls, based in the harbor of Rotterdam, hoping to make a meaningful impact on the world through innovative game development. Founded twenty years ago by two passionate artists, we’ve grown to be a professional and progressive game studio. Combining forty ambitious individuals, our team possesses an incredible range of knowledge and skills that is applied to create the most innovative, playful methods of achieving behavioral change. Using our varied experiences gained in different parts of the industry, including education, healthcare and (large) business corporations, our versatile service is frequently put into practice both nationally and internationally. Would you like to know how we could be of help to you? Give us a call and let us playfully surprise you.

Our game designers shine a new light on your challenges by using our game thinking methodology. The most important thing to us is the end user, focusing on their intrinsic motivations and the behavior that requires change. Mixing the right elements of play at the right time is the key to achieving behavioral change and making a real impact.

We co-created impact
We love continuing to build on our previous experience but we couldn’t do it without the trust of our clients. Having to tackle the most challenging problems is what keeps us on our toes and helps us to find innovative ways to approach different issues.