INFO is your business innovation partner. Our team is ready to help you define your future vision and roadmap (advisory), design go-to-market digital products and services, always with the end-user in mind (strategy) and deliver high-end tailored software (delivery). By being aligned on these three areas you can trust us in delivering exactly what you need to grow your business through innovation, whether your company is entering a new market or you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Our team consists of about 90 people of 21 nationalities who all share that 1 strand of design-and-innovation-loving DNA. Together, we have done over a 1,000 projects for more than 250 clients such as the NS, Greenwheels, Adyen, Graydon, Voetbal International and Bank of Scotland. INFO caters to multiple industries such as retail, media, finance, energy, mobility, government, health and telecom.