Worth Internet Systems

Worth is a full-service digital agency based near Reading in the UK and The Hague in The Netherlands. We design, develop and support your digital solution. Our team of more than 85 professionals has the business skills to develop strategy and the specialist technical expertise to deliver every phase of the project from concept, through development, user experience, testing and deployment. Using agile techniques, DevOps and high levels of automation, we deliver projects quickly and cost-effectively.

For over 15 years, Worth Internet Systems has helped businesses and public sector organisations design, build and implement digital transformation solutions. As a strategic change partner, we work with clients in government, education, science, health and business to optimise customer and user experience, transform operational processes and create dynamic new business models. Using open source software and cloud tools, we develop flexible, agile solutions focused on the user. Our solutions incorporate intuitive interfaces, user-centric journeys and high levels of integration.

We take on our clients' unique challenges by applying technical knowledge, open source capabilities, and insight, to transform operational processes and advance business ambitions. We are consistently inspired by the possibilities our customers present and, by ever-endeavouring to explore more, to produce measurable results and make lasting impact.

We work alongside businesses and organisations of all sizes to strategise and develop digital products and services that inspire ground-breaking change. By building projects tailored to unique requirements, and mentoring client teams in skill development and operational support, we ensure transformational, lasting results. A key goal here is to build an enduring relationship with our clients in the meantime. This is the trademark of the WORTH approach, established in the very foundation of the company.