Crossmedia Communicatiegroep

Crossmedia Communications Group: all the specialists under one roof.

A brand is a collection of perceptions inside the heads of your target group. These perceptions (touch points) have to be consistently oriented along the customer journey you offer. Being successful in this demands the specialised professional knowledge of strategists, designers, developers, online consultants and data analysts. CMCG gathers all these specialists under one roof, and sets them the mission of working towards one common goal: the success of your brand. In this process, pleasant and effective collaboration is the top priority– not just among our consultants, designers and developers themselves, but with our clients in a strategic partnership. Because with a good partnership, there's no limit to how successful a brand can be. ‘When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.’ Welcome to the Crossmedia Communications Group. Our foundation All experts under one roof. Each with their own individual freedom and responsibility. Continuous investment in our capital: knowledge and the success of our clients' brands. In the hands of a single point of contact for the client, with no management layer in between. Ahead of the game in innovations, but without losing sight of the little things. The one-stop-shop communications consultancy. Our vision Forward-looking brands (businesses, institutions, products, services, concepts) are increasingly looking for intrinsic and extrinsic distinction to drive quantifiably better performance, and will continue to do so into the future. Our mission We help the client's brand build (strategy), visualise distinction (design), and amass awareness and customer preference using all possible resources (cross-channel). To do this, we use an expert for every discipline Strategy Concept Design Engineering Content Activation Loyalty Data management Campaign management