BLIS Digital

BLiS is a fast-growing electronic agency with passion for innovation, design and communications. We believe some of our greatest assets are the long-term partnerships we build up with our clients. These partnerships are built on strategic partnerships, with each partner combining an individual focus with a shared, high ambition level.

In just 10 short years, BLiS has grown from four enthusiastic friends with a shared passion into a reliable, strong brand with 35 driven specialists. Our areas of expertise cover everything from technology to design and from interaction to marketing. All our specialists share one common passion: innovation.

BLiS provides solutions to complex business issues in the form of smart, user-friendly business apps and portals. And BLiS always finds the right digital solution for the client's communications needs, whether it's a website, app or online marketing campaign.

The number of startups that we have helped to online success is a testament to our passion for knowledge-sharing. We always put partnership first. In joint ventures we combine knowledge from the business with creativity and technical insight to come up with the best result for all.

Our approach has proven itself time and again, and always receives highly positive reviews from our clients. We are proud to be preferred partner for clients like KPMG and Feyenoord.

Want to get to know BLiS? We're always happy to make time for a cup of coffee!