Jungle Minds

As an independent digital firm with solid roots in research, we have been developing value since 2000. Value for users. That may sound limited, but it becomes more important and exciting with the day.

At a time when brands are less and less aware of their appearance, it is the user who decides. To create real user value (and real appearance of a brand), we bring together interaction and visual design, technology and strategy.

To offer a positive experience to real people with digital resources. This requires quite a bit. The use of service technology, of course. A smart vision on the business, sure. But especially something that only real people can: work intensively and listen very well. Our team is specially selected, and our way of working is fully organized.

This way of working is well described as design thinking. But that almost sounds like a trend, while we have been designing and making everything from context and contact. With users, but also with our clients. And if you do not have home what is needed in the long run, we will help you with that. So your organization is also able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. That too is value.