Activities DDA

DDA regularly initiates sector-related projects and activities for the digital sector in the Netherlands. Members meet regularly at the DDA members meetings, knowledge sessions and activities. These events focus on a diverse range of topics such as market developments, business operations, employee recruitment and security. An overview of the main DDA activities:


  • Benchmark study into digital agencies’ commercial and operational key figures

  • Uniformisation of job profiles to align them to vacancies and educational institutions

  • Clarity in remuneration frameworks through annual benchmark study

  • Guidelines for internet agencies’ General Terms and Conditions

  • Presentations and discounts on trade fairs and seminars

  • Promoting an exchange of knowledge and personal networks

  • The Dutch Interactive Awards in association with Emerce

  • And numerous other agency-transcending research studies and activities

  • There are consequently plenty of opportunities for digital agencies to raise both the Dutch digital industry and the agencies themselves to a higher level.


    More information about the Dutch Digital Agencies membership is available here!