Dutch Digital Day – presentations

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We believe that once a year, it is time to shine, to share and to cheer with our entire industry. This is why each year, Dutch Digital Agencies organises Dutch Digital Day, an exceptional digital experience. An event with speakers from home and abroad that provides an injection of next-level inspiration.
To make you relive these experiences we take you to highlights of previous editions.


This second virtual edition we took you to the Metaverse, also called ‘the next generation of the internet’, where the virtual and physical worlds meet. Watch the aftermovie.

Keynotes speakers

⭐ David Mattin, founder van New World Same Humans, deep dive into the metaverse

⭐ Hi-tech fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht presented how to embed technology into what we wear.

⭐ Technology Criticus, Tijmen Schep. In his presentation he made us experience the world of face detection algorithms.

⭐ Pullitzerwinner Christiaan Triebert , Visual Investigations at The New York Times. Link to presentation

⭐ Visual Artist Anouk Kruithof. Watch her presentation about ‘Universal Tongue’, presenting 1000 dance styles from all over the world.

⭐ Magician en storyteller Jon Tai

Anouk Kruithof - Universal Tongue
Dutch Digital Day 2021 – Host Jim Stolze and visual artist Anouk Kruithof, surrounded by Universal Tongue, a dance video presenting 1000 dance styles


Due to the pandemic 2020 was the first digital Dutch Digital Day.
Watch the aftermovie.

Presentations speakers
– Nell Watson, futurist: 05.00 – 18.21
– Amber Jae Slooten, digital designer: 18.23 – 37.37
– Luan Buleshkaj, word magician: 37.43 – 41.50
– Wouter de Jong, ‘mindgym’ trainer: 42.26 – 1.01.47
– Lucy Hardcastle, digital artist: 1.02.07 – 1.22.56
– Hisko Hulsing, director and production designer: 1.22.57 – 1.46.05
– Oobah Butler, film maker: 1.46.14 – 2.10.12

Moderator Jim Stolze interviews Wouter de Jong (actor and effectivity coach)


Watch the aftermovie

Keynotes speakers
– Tech magician, Tom London. Keynote presentation
– Design director of Mule Design, Mike Monteiro. Presentation
– Presenter, journalist, inventor, creator, LJ Rich. Presentation
– Designer, strategist and product leader, Mieko Kusano. Presentation
– Initiator of De Melksalon, Sietske Klooster. Presentation
– Photo comediens, Jan Dirk van der Burg en Flavia Faas. Presentation
– The People Vs Tech (2018) Author, Jamie Bartlett. Presentation


Watch the aftermovie

Keynotes speakers
– Computational designer, Léon Spikker. Presentation
– Visual story teller, Rogier Wieland. Presentation
– Design researcher, Vera de Pont. Presentation
– Composer, musician & artist, Thijs van Vuure. Presentation
– Futurist and technology spreaker, Nell Watson. Presentation
– Cyborg & artist, Neil Harbisson. Presentation
– Lawyer, Aernoud Bourdrez. Presentation
– ‘Rebranding of the Latin Kings’, Antonio Fernandez. Presentation

Cyborg and artist, Neil Harbisson, Dutch Digital Day 2018

[more DDD presentations to come]