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Combining AI and Design within an Online Marketplace

Ecommerce, Kunstmatige Intelligentie / AI
Every month, OLX helps 322 million people worldwide to buy, sell and exchange products and services through their 20+ brands. To lead product innovation and keep finding new ways to meet customers’ needs, they needed fast innovation, product development, and experimentation. This is where Koos came in, founding OLX² together with OLX’s in-house talent. The result is a collaborative innovation lab that combines the power of data science and design to develop future-proof, human-centered solutions with AI at its core. By helping to foster an innovation mindset in the world’s largest online marketplace, OLX² created three AI-by-Design concepts aimed at different customer segments.

OLX Group is a large-scale network of trading platforms operating worldwide in over 30 countries with over twenty brands. As a complex system with a rooted legacy in the classifieds industry, shifting towards experimentation and radical innovation can be challenging next to running the day-to-day business on team and organizational levels. The collaboration between OLX and Koos has been facilitating this new direction. how? By setting up OLX² – an innovation-dedicated lab, founded to boost product and business innovation within the organisation. Our focus is on designing, testing, and validating user-centred business ideas, which can fundamentally change the way people use classifieds within a two-year horizon.

The unique point-of-view of the team does not stop here. We are an international and multidisciplinary group: from design thinking, data science to business. With this diverse expertise, they aim to create the most advanced yet acceptable applications (following the MAYA principle – ‘ Design for the Future, but Balance it with Your Users’ Present ‘) of AI that radically solves real customer problems and spike utterly new business opportunities, to future-proof classifieds.

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